Capitalize on your business innovation with preventative maintenance.

Quick reaction times are essential to a healthy IT environment. Technology moves rapidly and time is money. Every second counts. Preventative maintenance is a crucial part of fast response times and is necessary for a full-functioning network. It keeps equipment up and running, and averts unplanned downtime, saving you dollars in the long run.

At LFC Managed Solutions, we’re focused on providing a customized preventative maintenance program backed by rapid support. Our goal is to ensure your IT landscape is running at peak performance. We offer proactive monitoring that is fine-tuned to your organizational requirements, day in and day out.

Early Detection

Preventative maintenance enables us to address the issues early on before they affect your entire system.

Our expert IT technicians can effectively screen your network and devices utilizing specialized programs incorporated into your system. Everything is done behind-the-scenes. Your workforce won’t have to take time out of their day to make sure your assets are protected. Your IT environment is continuously monitored to prevent threats, malware, cyber attacks, and viruses.

If an error does occur, the guesswork is taken out of the root cause analysis. Early detection allows our team to pinpoint the exact equipment or programming causing the issue. We are able to investigate any problems that may arise and evaluate the wellbeing your devices and network. That means the issue can be solved with minimal downtime, often times before the user realizes there’s a problem.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

  • Improved reliability of hardware and equipment

  • Minimized asset failure and breakdowns

  • Fewer expensive repairs

  • Prolonged life of the equipment

  • Ensured safety or networks and devices

Antivirus and Malware Solutions

Reinforce your IT security with LFC Managed Solutions. Be confident in your network’s integrity. We provide constant monitoring and security upkeep by IT specialists.

IT Protection