Managed Services Provider

Your organization relies on your increasingly complex IT environment. Needless to say, IT efficiency is critical to your everyday operations. We understand that for many businesses, IT resources are limited and can be quickly overwhelmed. This doesn’t change the fact that peak efficiency simply cannot be reached with a break-fix approach.

At LFC Managed Solutions, we offer fully managed IT support for businesses that want to move past the old-school tradition of break-fix. We truly believe your small to medium-sized business deserves the same attention as a full-scale enterprise. No longer does your company have to wait until your server or critical devices fail. We work to solve common IT issues before they disrupt employees or daily operations.

The break-fix mentality is no longer good enough for your business. If your network goes down, you will likely face significant productivity and revenue losses as a result. The break-fix mentality fixes problems as they occur, which is costly, especially regarding downtime. Ongoing IT support prevents and fixes problems before they can negatively affect your business, which reduces costs in the long run.


Remote Support

Addressing critical IT issues, monitoring, and management of your servers, desktops, and mobile devices all while off-site

On-Site Support

Resolving IT issues, monitoring devices, and providing necessary support while, just like an in-house IT department

With LFC, you get prompt IT support without the pricey overhead. Our team takes on the responsibility of your IT environment and equipment for a low monthly fee. Organizations with their own IT staff can utilize our services too. LFC can act as an extension of your internal IT department, readily offering extra support.

Our steadfast IT department is ready to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may occur. No matter what your IT challenge is, we work towards finding a reliable solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Your business requires flexibility. As your IT partner, we allow you to utilize our services in a way that best accommodates your business needs. Our customized solutions will expand to accommodate your goals.