IT Support Services

With LFC, you get quick IT services without the costly overhead of an internal IT department. Our team is ready to investigate and solve any issues that may arise, no matter what your IT challenge is. We will work with your organization to increase operational efficiency and take control of your IT concerns.

Your business will receive cost-effective access to enterprise-level support with our Managed Services program. With our remote IT services, your approach to IT support will become proactive, reliable, and efficient.

IT Support

Business Continuity Services

Extensive downtime results in lost income, extra expenses, and diminished profitability. You cannot settle for downtime, and you can’t wait around for an IT solution. A preemptive approach is best when it comes to your IT environment.

A business continuity plan is essential to keep your business safeguarded from downtime. Business continuity is a blend of procedures and practices that keep your business running during an IT disaster. Our business continuity techniques proactively back up your IT landscape to the cloud for a smooth recovery process.

Business Continuity

VoIP Services

Simplify your small business phone service systems with a single, seamless source for your voice, instant messaging, and conferencing communication. Create a streamlined system for offices with cloud services that connect each office with call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and call routing.

Quickly connect new employees with the touch of a button so they can hit the ground running. Your office members can answer phone calls from their computers and mobile devices, so they can stay reachable even in an open office layout or out on the road.


System Configuration Services

Your business will maintain a competitive edge by upgrading to an effective IT structure. At LFC, we understand that your IT environment needs are regularly evolving. This means your organization requires hardware and software that can transform as your business grows and your demands change.

We will install and configure top-performing IT hardware that fits the objectives of your business. Our IT specialists will begin our system configuration process by surveying your IT landscape and ensuring your framework is versatile, flexible, and adaptable.

System Configuration